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Whether you’re a grandparent, family member, or friend, you can open your own 529 account or make a gift contribution to someone else’s.

We’ve been helping families save for decades

Flexibility & convenience

Our plans are available nationwide

You can use your 529 Plan to pay for college and/or graduate school expenses!
Or trade schools and certain federal apprenticeship expenses!*

Options for e-deposit or gifting

Invite family and friends to contribute easily!

A top ranked¹
529 plan

Safe and secure growth

Among the highest rates nationwide for FDIC-insured 529 Plans¹

Our products are FDIC-insured

Absolutely no fees

High-yield savings account available

High-yield variable rate. FDIC insured.

Currently at 5.01% APY²

Fixed rate CD available

Offers maturities of 1, 2, and 3-year. FDIC insured.

1-year CD 5.25% APY²
2-year CD 4.50% APY²
3-year CD 4.50% APY²

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